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About Us:

Daniel Stewart

I am an author of  the My god my shield christian series and am also a card-maker.  I am a  junior doctor in training at Powered by Christ Church in  Massapequa Park NY.  Every week we travel to Hempstead to give food out to the homeless and try to offer help to them.

i volunteer at Life's  Worc - a day hab at Old Bethpage.

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as born again believers in christ , We are devoted to Jesus's calling , for Jesus Christ has chosen us for a time such as this to bring the lost back to their first love - Jesus Christ

Martin Vajda

Martin Vajda  is a good friend of mine who is a graphic artist.  He has helped me  write  the three books for the White Thunder Stallion series and has also helped me become a better christian.  He has helped us with the ministry in Hempstead.  whenever it is a scripture or prayer.  He’s always there for us and is a good friend to hang out with.

Annemarie Solomita

Our Mom is a  great mom .  she helps out on Psalm 41 ministry . she's a great speaker.  She is a wonderful cook and an awesome artist .  She is a great friend to look up to  because she represents on how a mother should support her children in everything they do

Sal Praino Sr. 

Sal Praino Sr. is the best friend that i could ever ask for . he is one of a kind.  he is a great man of god and a wonderful preacher .  he even speaks the word of god to the lost that need Jesus in their hearts

Peterjohn Vicari

Peterjohn Vicari is a very great friend of mine.  we spend our time together going to youth groups , spending time at fellowships and ministry.  we talk about Star Wars and on friday nights we help out at the Psalm 41 ministry in Hempstead

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Denise Spinos

Denise Spinos is a great friend of mine .  we used to go to the same church  fifteen years ago .  she's a good friend to be with . because she us an awesome friend to help those in need of a savior . she is a talented singer and author of my books .  she plays - Linda Jacobson - Pastor Joe's Mom , Grizabella and her own character - Denise Spencer


Paris is an awesome friend to be with, we been good friends since he first came to our church . we've done photos and videos together and we've talked about a-lot of things about God's love for us 

Paris   (2).png
Alex and Liliane Corcione

Alex and Lilliane are great friends of ours ,  we first met them at our old church 17 years ago , we've spend time together , talking about god's word and we' ve helped others in our  own way to save the lost from their sins through the lovingkindness of Jesus Christ

Deacon Joe and Sister Lucy

Deacon Joe and Sister Lucy are the greatest people i've met at my new church since i was a teenager . at first we've gotten into a rocky start , but as i gotten older , we've gotten along very well . both Deacon Joe and Sister Lucy are also in the music ministry at our church .

Elder Ken and Teacher Vilma

Elder Ken and teacher Vilma are great friends of mine ,  i'd first met elder ken and teacher Vilma at first we didn't get along very well .  but when i gotten into my adulthood , i developed a change of redemptional salvation in my life and in my families lives also 

Elder Ken and Teacher Vilma .png

Carole is a sister in christ and  a friend of mine , she is a good friend to talk to since we first met , now that we are friends . we've become companionable friends till the very end 

Pastor Lucy 

Pastor Lucy Sottile is a great friend of mine , she is the one who takes care of the ministry , making bags and helping out whenever she's needed . as the mother of hempstead , she helps others in need of a savior 

Mike and Kris Criscetelli

Mike and Kris Criscetelli are good friends of mine at my church , we've first met because when we first started .  we've gotten along very well  and we've became close friends ever since 


Sharon is a good friend of mine , we've first met , when she first started coming to church . we've became close friends since then


Carissa is a great friend of our church , when she first came to our church , it was like the band is coming back together again .  when she and i first met,  it was like having another sister in christ 

Deaconess Denise

Deaconess Denise Vicari is a close friend of mine , i've met her 15 years ago , when i was still a teenager , now that's she a deaconess , she goes out on Psalm 41 ministries to preach the gospel to those in hempstead who need Jesus in their lives

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Deaconess Denise Vicari   (1).png
Dr. Mike O' Halloran

Dr. Mike is a great chiropractor , whom i've a good friendship with , he gives me the full package on my back and he knows jesus also . because Without faith and baptism , it is impossible to please god. 

David Anthony Stewart

my brother and i became best pals since he was born in October 28th 1994, we became close friends and brothers , always looking out for each-other .


Brother Juan is a Good friend of mine ,  he first came to our church for the first time , since then we've gotten to know each-other better as brothers in christ and we've helped each-other to teach others about Jesus Christ

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Don Mackley

Don Mackley is a good friend of ours , he takes care of exterminating pests that doesn't belong in the house , he is a good reason why God had sent him , to help my mom exterminate mice , fleas , bugs and any other pests that had plagued my mom's house 

Dr. Jim

Dr. Jim is a friend of ours , since we first met him . he is my mom's chiropractor who gave his heart to Jesus Christ many years ago .  He helped people with their problems , by giving them messages through Jesus Christ

Dr. Jim  (1).png

Genesis , Chrissie and Vanessa

Juan's family are good friends of ours ,  we've met them many years ago when they first came to our church , we had been excellent friends with them ever since

Bill Stewart

My Dad and I are great friends since i became a christian , we do a lot of things together . go to the movies , go to Disney World , Hershey Park , Williamsburg , Virginia , King's Domain etc. 

Michael Lord

Michael Lord is a great friend to hang out with .  he is a former intern at Life's Worc and future fireman,  he loves firefighter badges and is a lot of fun to spend time with

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