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Silver Phoenix of the Risen Christ Author Series
Episodes 0 - 90999

The Silver Phoenix of the Risen Christ  are based on the my god my shield novel series about   God's chosen people called The Members of Ravencove , built and prophesied by Pastor Joe's Ancestor - Samuel Jacobson - who prophesied that many believers will preach the gospel and saved many lost sheep , however he stated that a black cloud will come and darken the world in a form of a great black and red serpent bringing chaos and deceit in its wake.

the sides will be split in two and both the light and darkness will clash , snuffing out the darkness in the planet earth. however it was predicted that there will be two doctors . one will be a doctor of medicine and doctor of theology  .  however Pastor Joe not only lost both his best friend and two sons , however Sazis Chuzhul  Chramien had used a doppelganger of Sebastian Jacobson  to betray Pastor Joe, until the real Sebastian appear and destroyed his evil doppelganger in the future - until he dies in the war against humanoid threats. 

Jr. Dr. Dan and his classmates had dealt with members of  G.H.O.S.T.  F.I.R.E.

Such as the Night Ravens , Shan Donghai Huan ,  Conrad Esau Bladen , Contessa and the first Crimson Conjuror before and after they graduated from Britain High School

however with the clues of the puzzle piece being put together  .   it was revealed that  Kamal Indra Palash , The  Vaclav  Erschens , Nortons and Alistair Galvan were the ones responsible for the chaos that is afflicting  the planet earth and  they'd caused trouble to those who they can deceive . with many members of G.H.O.S.T.  F.I.R.E.  at  their  side including Florence Athaliah  Fagin alias the  Crimson Conjuror and Shan Donghai Huan.  the  bad guys determine to seize control of earth

Jr. Dr.  Dan  grew up and became an employee and  father of 9 children .while  his brother David grew up and became a medical doctor and father of 3 children

during their battles  Daniel confronts Draco Erebus Sagan - an evil doppelganger from another dark dimensional world  and  later confronts the German Nazi leader of the Black Cerberus  - Christoph Hitler - Adolf's descendant who was hellbent on revenge after the americans dethroned the german nazi empire leading to Adolf Hitler's suicide death

unfortunately Tori died  from childbirth after giving birth to his last born child  Taylor.  afterwards for  a few years of heartbroken  tragedies . Jr. Dr. Dan became greedier for a bit , but saw the light after seeing his fate if he didn't repent of his sins.

the villains were arrested by the police  except for  Korumok ,  Sarhul Maelus Thorvophin 

 Gaxiju Jasz  Rhusk and  Xiang - who were humanoid  beings who spread and chaos and fear in their wake

after the missions were completed

the end times came and the members of Ravencove and G.H.O.S.T.  F.I.R.E  fought against each other and the great judgement day had begun

all of the good guys who received  Jesus Christ as their  lord and savior had been welcomed into the kingdom of heaven  while the bad guys that rejected Jesus as their personal lord and savior for their evil deeds were condemned to the pit of doom for eternity

Jr. Dr. Dan and Martin Vajda
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