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My Grandma was a great friend to be with.  She used to cook great meals for us.  She made baked macaroni and meatballs with salad.  We used to play UNO together and we had a lot of  fun with our grandparents.  We miss you Grandma ... you brought so much joy to this world.


My  Grandpa was a good grandfather to be around with , me and my brother had spend time with them when we were kids , we had went to the playground , slept at their house and we had great memories with grandpa. we will miss you grandpa ,  we love having you as a grandfather and friend . keep smiling .

Brad Hasloecher

Brad Hasloecher was a good friend to me.  He introduced me to Bibleman, Veggie Tales, Carman , Commander Kellie and the Superkids .  I am grateful to have him as a friend and co - author of my books , i'll miss you Brad Hasloecher

Dutchess Anne Stewart

Dutchess Anne Stewart was a part of our lives when we first gotten her 15 years ago ,  we had taken good care of her , we've  treated her well as a part of our family , she was like a part of the family  

w e will miss you Dutchess Anne Stewart

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