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Christian Cards

God is so faithful to those who hear his word , for we are chosen and set in place. according to God's decree , because we are sanctified in the holy spirt.  i am so proud and blessed to be a part of this ministry.  God wanted a family to love . so he came to earth as a man

and paid the price for everything we've done wrong .  because  Jesus came to this world to die for our sins and rose again from the dead on the third day , so that we won't spend eternity in hell with Satan and his fleet.  so i am asking you all to encourage others in their faith. be thankful that Jesus died for you . for he healed the broken hearts and binding up their wounds . he paid the penalty for sin . he became sin so that we can become righteous. he broke the power of death and grave for you . He is alive and he's worthy to be praised ! 

God Bless you all and May the lord Jesus Christ be with you 

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